4-Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt

Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt

Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt suitable for conveying materials that require a flame resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, light, metallurgical and grain processing industries, under the condition of flammable or explosive environment above coal mines.

Features and Benefits

  • The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass
  • One of the major risks during a production process is fire. Flame-retardant conveyor belts may therefore be used to reduce or even avert damages to persons and property in case of fire.
  • Anti-static performance, in line with EN / ISO 20284 international standard

Technical Data

Cover rubber physics property

Cover Type Standards Minimum Tensile Strength (MPA) Minimum Elongation (%) Abrasion Material Cover
Fire Resistant SANS-F 17 350 180 Material with fire hazards, e.g. Coal
IS-1891(FR Grade) 17 350 200
ISO-340(FR Grade) 17 350 180
AS-F(FR Grade) 14 300 200
AS-1332(FR Grade) 14 300 200
DIN S Grade 17 350 180
DIN K Grade 17 400 200
MSHA-FR 17 350 200
CAN/CSA (FR Grade) 17 350 200

Cover rubber property

Item Tensile Strength / MPA Elongation at break / % Abrasion / mm3
≥18 ≥450 ≤200
≥14 ≥400 ≤250

Safety property

Item Flame retardant grades
K2 K3
Duration The total duration of flame of 6 test pieces with covers is less than 45s, any individual test piece does not exceed 15s Average value of duration of flame of 3 test pieces with covers does not exceed 60s
Anti-static property ≤ 3 x 108Ω
Reappearance There should be no reappearance of flame on any test pieces

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