6.Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

Chemical resistant conveyor belt are suitable for chemical plant, paper mill, fertilizer plant, mine, port and other environment with acid & alkali material.

Features and Benefits

  • Have Superior chemicals and corrosion resistant properties .
  • Having superior elasticity as well as small elongation at rated load.
  • Have superior adhesion, flexibility as well as trough ability.
  • Resistant to most chemicals including chlorinated compounds, acids & bases, coolant oils.
  • Use of cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon and other material based belt cores that adds to the durability factor as well as resistance from chemical

Technical Data

Item Tensile Strength /Mpa = Elongation at break /% = Abrasion /mm3 = Hardness /(o)+10-5 Ozone deterioration
Cover Physical property Before aging 14 400 250 60 No cracks
After aging 12 340 65
Acid and alkali resistance Class Soak liquid Density Soak conditions Change rate before and after soak
℃ x h Swelling rate Change rate of tensile strength
A1 HCL 18% 50oC x 96h 0.1 -0.1
A2 H2SO4 50% 50oC x 96h 0.1 -0.1
A3 NaOH 48% 50oC x 96h 0.1 -0.1

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