3.Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt

Bucket Elevator conveyor belt are suitable for conveyor material vertically . Widely used in building ,mining , chemical , light industry , power station and grain ect field .Due to their carcass construction they are known as an “endurance runner” and have proven to be reliable conveyor belts with a long service life. Elevator conveyor belts are the best solution from the technical and cost-efficiency point of view.



Features and Benefits

  • Available in different tensile strengths from 315 N/mm up to 6300 N/mm
  • Constructed using different tensile members including EP, Kevlar, Cotton, Nylon, Steel Cord
  • Available in different width options from 100mm up to 2500mm
  • Available in complete range of quality cover compounds comprising fire resistant, heat resistant as well as oil resistant finish properties
  • Available in white food grade finish
  • Comes in low elongation that allows short take-up
  • Features high bolt tear resistance as well as superior fastener strength
  • Comes with superior clamping characteristics

Technical Data

Belt Belt Type  Carcass Type Cover Thickness (mm) Width Range  (mm)
Top Rubber Bottom Rubber
Conventional Type NN Belt NN100-NN400 1.5 1.5 300-2200
EP Belt EP100-EP400
CC Belt CC-56 3 3
Reinforcement Type NN Belt NN100-NN400 300-2200
EP Belt EP100-EP400 4.5 4.5
CC Belt CC-56
St Belt ST630-ST5000 6 6 300-2200

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