Is it far better to obtain a Male or feminine Guinea Pig?

Is it far better to obtain a Male or feminine Guinea Pig?

One concern that a lot of all soon become guinea pig owners ask is whether or perhaps not or not they ought to obtain a male or a guinea pig that is female.

Can it be more straightforward to get a male or female guinea pig? If you’re getting just one guinea pig it is possible to choose either a man or woman dependent on your private choice while they both make great animals. Sex doesn’t matter much provided that the pig is healthy and friendly. If regarding the other hand you’re getting a set of guinea pigs at a time, then getting two immature females appears to be the best option.

In this article I’ll explain more in-depth why the very best intercourse to decide on is based on if you want to get more guinea pigs in the future whether you’re getting a single pig or multiple pigs, and I’ll also explain how you should think.

It is additionally a good notion for you, as being a soon become guinea pig owner, to learn our Guinea Pig Complete Care Guide for newbies that covers everything from fundamental guinea pig facts to chosing the best cage and grooming tips.

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Why it is safer to Get Two Immature Females if You’re opting for A pair

To start with, finding a solitary guinea pig is not optimal to it’s health because people can’t completely change a guinea pig’s buddy. Because of this explanation it is good to have a couple of guinea pigs.

Therefore, just in case you opt to have two guinea pigs, then it is far better get two females that are immature. The reason behind this really is that two immature females comes along well, in the place of two males where fights are normal. The even worse action you can take if you like a calm guinea pig purchasing experience is maintaining two men and a lady together as this ordinarily results in plenty of bust-ups.

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Simple tips to Neuter a Guinea Pig

Both male and female guinea pigs may be neutered but you should bring your animal to an experienced vet that is neutering. Read more