Polen voor Nederlanders

Polen voor Nederlanders

Informatie voor Nederlanders over het land Polen

The man that is polish truly a distinctive trend in Europe. Through the entire hundreds of years he had been characterized not merely by their unique look, but additionally by exceptionally behavior that is gallant ladies.

He allow the woman get first during the home or he kissed her hand… The style of kissing a woman’s hand, maybe maybe maybe maybe not practiced in European countries beyond your formal ceremonial, ended up being extremely uncommon. This behavior that is specifically polish created within the gentry’s tradition associated with the 16 th to17 th hundreds of years, known as Sarmatian (the nobility thought they produced by the mythical Sarmatians). Not just men’s gallantry was uncommon. High-shaved minds with tufts of locks, clothes talking about Turkish attire (kontusz, zupan) – undoubtedly the Pole of the time brought some touch of exoticism and masculinity in to a lace-clad and frilled European countries.

Image through the film “With fire and sword”

Much later on, within the 1980s, the mustache of striking shipbuilders ended up being additionally a bit strange.

Lech Walesa aided by the employees on attack at the Gdansk Shipyard
picture: nationwide Archive, The Hague

Patterns of gallant behavior had been developed by pre-war Uhlans, with General Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszowski during the forefront. As he as soon as had an indecent desire some lady that is noble the typical felt obliged to deliver her plants with apologies!

This type of gentleman’s behavior towards females, in one single type or any other (kissing a ladу’ s hand, for example, nowadays practiced mostly by some older dudes) has survived up today. Read more