Significantly More Than 1 / 2 Of Directly Women Are Drawn To Other Women

Significantly More Than 1 / 2 Of Directly Women Are Drawn To Other Women

Recently, I became in the phone with my closest friend, while the subject of females we find attractive came up. Referring to sex happens to be an ordinary section of our discussion since I was a teenager— I came out as gay a few months ago after having identified as bisexual. She’s 100 % right, but also she can appreciate the attractiveness of a lady, be it aesthetically or intimately.

“I’d completely have sex with Rihanna,” she explained and, needless to say, we consented wholeheartedly. After all, Rihanna is fucking gorgeous; you’d be described as a trick to pass through an opportunity up to own intercourse along with her.

Needless to say, there is certainly a really chance that is slim of bestie or me personally ever having the possibility to have sexual intercourse with Rihanna. However it ended up being interesting in my experience that she discussed her attraction that is sexual to girl therefore casually.

I experienced never truly chatted to virtually any of my buddies who identify as straight about their intimate emotions towards other women prior to. Eleme personallynt of me wondered if perhaps i simply surround myself by women that tend to be more intimately fluid, but another right part wondered if there was clearly something more at play. Works out my bestie is not an anomaly — there is a large number of ladies on the market who identify as straight but additionally acknowledge to using intimate attractions to females.

In accordance with a 2011 research carried out by scientists at Boise State University, 60 % of females whom identify as heterosexual (right) have actually admitted to being intimately drawn to an other woman. 484 females had been questioned for the scholarly research, additionally the figures reveal that a greater number of ladies than expected have intimate ideations about other ladies in some way. Read more