You don’t appear to be able to distinguish – clearly you were taught by them that term

You don’t appear to be able to distinguish – clearly you were taught by them that term

– between normal general public breast feeding therefore the attention getting she admitted she had been opting for. You will be being duped by her and can’t even notice it.

PK’s conspiracy theories aren’t anything brand brand brand new.

“I don’t doubt your expertise in the motivations of nincompoops travelah. I additionally don’t question your keen insights into those people who are beyond any sane rationale. ”

I’m able to state i need to buy into the supervisor at Denny’s We don’t want to see This ladys upper body I just viewed a clip on my local news about this situation she thinks everyone is takeing her rights away…. Well what about my right to a TIT free meal I would have ask her to leave my business also while I am eating…. Also. Good Lord woman if you wish to do so hide or do so someplace except that in the dining room table

Yes John, i actually do think you will be bad, rather than within the great way, as Run DMC would state. I’m yes you will be a good individual in some means aswell, everyone is, however your contention that a female whom breast feeds is inviting being raped by intimate deviants is beyond bad, it really is definitely disgraceful.

Will you be really therefore dimwitted you can’t begin to see the hypocritical irony of attacking us at precisely the same time you’re decrying individual assaults?

That basically is hysterically funny. First I was called by you naive, you then proceeded about my “fancy” ivy league education and exactly how i need to not need examined debate, blah, blah, blah. Hilariously, in identical breathing you stated that we went to an ivy league university that I was a bad student and. Therefore in your reality that is alternate ivy universities just just simply take bad pupils? Evidently you had been missing the full times which they taught about continuity and explanation.

In spite of how numerous different monikers you post under here, your posts are nevertheless in the same way absurd. Read more