Just how to Take Care Of Your Guinea Pig

Just how to Take Care Of Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, also referred to as cavies, are friendly and curious animals. Nonetheless, they want dedication and attention that is regular ensure they remain healthy and pleased. Keep reading to learn simple tips to look after your pocketful of sunlight.

Guinea pigs are sociable pocket animals, are often tamed, and may live for approximately a decade. Their friendly nature means they are great animals. They’re also really smart.

1. Companionship

Guinea pigs are happiest whenever kept along with other guinea pigs ukrainian brides. Nevertheless, when you do keep males and females together, ensure both pets would be the sex that is same at minimum one sex happens to be desexed.

RSPCA NSW will not suggest maintaining guinea pigs and rabbits together. Rabbits can give conditions to guinea pigs, and additionally they might bully one another. Read more