Quick Guide to Manic Depression and Relationships

Quick Guide to Manic Depression and Relationships

Romance and manic depression

The changes in mood related to manic depression could cause changes that are extreme behavior. A person with bipolar disorder can have an unusual amount of energy and may not be able to sleep during manic episodes. Whenever experiencing depressive episodes, a individual with manic depression can appear tired and sad. They may not need to head out or do things.

These shifts that are major mood could make communicating and socializing hard. Even though the apparent symptoms of manic depression could be handled with medicine and psychotherapy, they could nevertheless just take a cost on relationships, maybe ones that are especially romantic.

Keep reading to learn approaches to handle a relationship that is romantic whether you or your lover have actually manic depression.

When you yourself have manic depression, you could already be aware of the effect your problem may have on an enchanting relationship. You could feel nervous about beginning a relationship that is new locating the “right” time to share with your spouse you have actually manic depression. Read more