Sharleen Joynt on Episode 2 regarding the Bachelor gifts: pay attention to Your Heart

Sharleen Joynt on Episode 2 regarding the Bachelor gifts: pay attention to Your Heart

The Bach alum—and classical singer—shares her POV on episode 2 regarding the brand brand new Bachelor musical series

By Sharleen Joynt 21, 2020 april

Sheridan and Julia (Picture: ABC)

If I had been to own provided last week’s premiere a nine away from 10, this episode gets a 6.5. That’s not to imply it had been downright terrible, however it became obvious yesterday evening that exactly exactly exactly what we’re destined for with Listen To Your Heart isn’t therefore not the same as another period of Paradise, except with skill and air cooling. Phone me personally an optimist, however in terms of format and premise, I happened to be longing for one thing a little more off-the-beaten-path, one thing to leverage these individuals’ musical abilities. There was a great deal to utilize right right here, countless brand new alternatives for just exactly how eliminations, newcomers and competition amongst contestants might work. Yet, having a formula the same as Paradise, it could appear the show insists on *not* reinventing itself.

The absolute most thing that is paradise-y happen yesterday evening ended up being Natasha. Along with her polished look and confident strut, she even seemed different from the remaining portion of the cast, and is much more at home in almost any typical Bachelor environment. She surfaced just like Jamie had been heard saying within an ITM, “I honestly can’t see such a thing going incorrect, ” the kind of layup Bachelor producers can’t resist. It might come out that Natasha is really a close buddy of Trevor’s ex-girlfriend and therefore, relating towards the ex, he had been quite the liar and cheater. We give Natasha kudos on her woman that is gumption—the was to get and desperate to produce a splash worthy of any Bachelor season. Read more