Without a doubt about within the News

Without a doubt about within the News

Supercharging cost savings begins at an age that is early

William Thomas Jr. invests in their future every thirty days by bringing his money box cost savings to First Bank regarding the Delta. The Phillips County pre-schooler currently is saving for university and speaks excitedly about likely to university, as a result of a revolutionary system that supercharges their family’s own savings.

Southern Good Faith Fund and Project Deserve Offer Energy Assistance in Arkansas

Southern Good Faith Fund (SGFF) became the agency that is administrative venture Deserve, an investment founded by Entergy Arkansas to greatly help low-income, senior, or disabled Arkansas residents spend their electricity bills.

Delta Bridge Project Announces $400,000 in Give Funding

The Delta Bridge Project announced $400,000 in grants for KIPP Delta College Preparatory School in Helena-West Helena today. These funds will offer room to allow for classes for the following couple of years while KIPP Delta expands its program to provide pupils in grades 5 through 12.

Learning From Successes when you look at the Mississippi Delta

The 90-minute drive south through the Memphis airport to Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, goes through three states “Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas” within the heart of this Mississippi Delta. The perspectives are broad, the land is flat, plus the little puffs that are white over the highway and gathering in clusters during the side of the trail aren’t escaped styrofoam packaging peanuts, but cotton bolls. Read more