Bondage? Rough Sex? I’m More Concerned About Acronyms.

Bondage? Rough Sex? I’m More Concerned About Acronyms.

The crazy, strange, loopy things we do when you look at the interest of interesting intercourse.

“I blame my mom for my sex that is poor life. All I ended up being told by her had been ‘the guy continues on top as well as the girl underneath.’ For 36 months we slept in bunk-beds.” Joan Rivers

Far be it for me personally to criticize notions that are popular or any notions, for instance. I’m simply wondering where we’re using relationships today. If I’m to think the newest poll that is okCupid we’re perhaps perhaps not into only a little kinky sex — we’re into lots of it.

We’ve become shameless hussies (perhaps the guys), willing to turn our kink into sets from “Saddle up, partner,” to “Could you please knock down a molar.”

Really, gone would be the times after 9 ½ days whenever we’d go right to the refrigerator and stick honey, hot peppers — or whatever ended up being beyond the sell by date — into our partner’s lips. Read more